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Solved: RA and the Food Riddle

A continuing problem has been controlling the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis even when we know that food causes our issues.  Well, now we have an almost perfect solution.  For near-complete day to day control and well-being,  keep reading.  Without exaggeration I think it is safe to say that a revolution to your health and your handling of RA is at hand.


As thousands of people with Rheumatoid Arthritis can attest, RA responds, for better or worse, to food and diet. It is fundamentally a food sensitivity disorder. An allergic reaction.

If your rheumatologist has been in business for a few years, it’s almost guaranteed that she has heard from patients that RA seems to respond to their food choices.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t hear it from Big Pharma or her medical community so tends to disregard your experience.

Even when we have done the 3-day fast or otherwise satisfied ourselves that food is the cause of our RA symptoms, why is it still so hard to handle the disorder? Over and over, people who are fully aware that their diet is causing their RA problems give up trying to control it themselves and begin taking the extremely dangerous immune suppressors known as TNF inhibitors, or biologics.

Shouldn’t it be easy to identify food sensitivities and eliminate the symptoms of RA? Well, it just got easier. Keep reading.

There is no such thing as an RA diet that what works for everyone, although people constantly ask me to send them one. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a highly personal disorder.  Each person has his own unique immune system and unique food allergies which cause the inflammation of RA. That means that finding the RA diet that works for you will be up to you. There is no quick fix.

Here’s how to do it:

1. The 3-day fast eliminates all food allergens from our bodies, because food molecules reside in our bodies for 3 days. The fast can’t be done in 2 days. There is something magical about the third day.

2. If fasting for 3 days is not in the cards for you, here are some suggestions that can work:

—- Limit your diet for those days to foods that you don’t eat otherwise. You are only allergic to food and drink that you eat all the time – never to something you haven’t been exposed to.

—    Choose foods that are low in inflammatory properties, like fish and salad greens.

—- Don’t eat the same thing twice during those 3 days.

—- Drink water only. No dairy, coffee, fruit juices or alcohol.

—- No cheating allowed!

3. Then, Success!  You will think you have stumbled onto a miracle – as indeed you have.  You have found the secret of eliminating the symptoms of a dread disorder and you are on your way to a new world of good, worry-free, health.

The 3-day fast will make a believer out of you, but it is not a cure. You will always be susceptible for a relapse of RA symptoms. So, the next step is MAINTAINING your miracle. It’s amazingly simple, as though the universe was apologizing for giving you the hassle of RA.

See below for the previously well-hidden but easy secret for maintaining your good health.  DO NOT stop reading yet.

—- Reintroduce food slowly and keep track in a food journal. Your journal can be invaluable for
identifying problem foods.

—- You will be instantly allergic to some foods. They are the easy ones to identify and eliminate.

—- There are other foods that cause inflammation slowly over days if eaten every day, because a low level of inflammation builds for several days until the level is high enough to cause RA symptoms. Those are the foods that are hard to identify because we eat them for a day or two and feel fine. Suddenly, on day 2 or 3, we don’t feel good anymore and are clueless about what food is to blame. It’s  often enough to make us return to biologics.

Lucky for us, the solution is easy.

Don’t include any food in your diet more often than once every 2 or 3 or 4 days.

When you get the hang of it you’ll  figure out what time interval and foods work best for you.

Rotating food in this manner will keep the level of inflammation low enough to cause no symptoms. You will have solved the problem of an impaired immune system that reacts badly to food sensitivities simply by giving the allergens time to exit your body before piling more on.

You may very well find, as I did, that the changes to your diet and the number of foods you have to eliminate are small. The only major change is in how often you eat them.

Best of all, you will now be in charge of your life and your health.  You will know how to control a dread disease safely and without life threatening drugs.

You deserve your success.  Congratulations.