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“I Tried Fixing My Diet and It Doesn’t Work!”

One of my very first converts when I started this blog was a young mother named Kate who was suffering terribly with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.  She was in a state of rapid decline when she decided to follow my instructions. She had nothing to lose.  She went on a 3-day fast and realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that food was the problem and that RA is a food sensitivity disorder. She also realized that food, by default, was the solution.  Her shock at finding herself symptom and drug free because of this blog still resonates with me. 

But it didn’t last.

Fixing herself was too hard when drugs were so easy and doctors so willing.  She tried ‘eating super clean, no grains, limited sugar, no dairy, chemical free, whole foods only’, eating ‘paleo’, but nothing worked.  She was back in the soup big time, deeply frightened by her future prospects, and in her words ‘moving up the RA med line’ . Enbrel had worked great, she said, but only for 3 months and now she was on to her next toxic drug.    

I’m so disappointed that she hadn’t been able to tell from this blog, our conversations, and her own experience that ‘eating super clean’, ‘eating whole foods only’, eating ‘chemical free’ has very little to do with RA symptoms.  RA is the result of one’s own personal food allergies.  Has she tried eliminating saturated fat, citrus, potato starch, soy?  Probably not because those well known allergens are part of a ‘super clean’ diet. 

Whatever is causing her problems is something she exposes herself to regularly.  If she was exposing herself to her allergen(s) only once every 4 days they would evaporate since food molecules stick around for only 3 days.  After 3 days the inflammation has left and we can eat a food again.

Only rarely are we so allergic that one exposure to a food produces an immediate flare.  More usually, we have a minor allergy that doesn’t show itself until we’ve eaten the same food several days in a row giving the allergen time to build up in the blood until we have a flare.

As long as the frequency of a food is controlled there is no reason to eliminate most foods from our diet. We need to control the frequency more than we need to control the food. We can heal ourselves. 

This method of controlling RA is explained in more detail on other entries in this blog.  It is nearly foolproof.

I just had another acquaintance die as a ‘complication’ of RA. She had been on several biologics and her immune system succumbed to a fungal infection that otherwise would have been easily controlled. 

Whenever the cause of death is listed as a ‘complication’ of something, it means that modern medicine was the real killer. No one wants to admit it when the cause of death is doctor-prescribed drugs. 

I wish the best for Kate.

I feel defeated.