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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Making Common Cause With Your Body

There is currently a web site devoted to Rheumatoid Arthritis with a horrifying title suggesting that we declare war on RA. We can’t do that without turning our bodies into hostile territory, something that puts us in great peril since we are our bodies and they are us. Every thought we have is heard by each and every one of our body’s cells, right down to the molecules that compose them. Our body listens closely to what we tell ourselves.

Since Rheumatoid Arthritis is the reality in our bodies and it’s not going anywhere, we need to make friends with it. We should understand that the misguided immune system that attacks our joints is doing its job the best it knows how. Our immune system is a powerful gift that wards off viruses, bacteria, poisons of all kinds, and keeps us intact even after it has been compromised by RA.

Being unnaturally compromised by biologics is a different story. Sometimes we recover when we stop taking immune-suppressing drugs and sometimes we don’t.

Hardly anyone has DNA so perfect that we who have RA would agree to exchange our genes for theirs.

A genetic predisposition, such as the genetic susceptibility for RA, is not the same as having the disorder. Yes, we can indeed have the gene without having the problem. That is true for all genetic predispositions.

Our kids may inherit our DNA structure including the genes for RA and live their entire lives without ever knowing it, as so many, many others have. That’s because the gene isn’t ‘expressed’ as a physical disorder unless something in the environment – overwhelming stress, for example — sets it off. Our genetic make up interacts with our lives to produce the results we get.

You and I may have RA, but think of all our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents who don’t. How likely is it that none of them inherited the gene for RA as we did? Zip. That’s how likely it is. Any number of our relatives have the gene but it never turned into RA and remains unexpressed.

We, on the other hand, have the expressed gene. We can learn to make common cause with our bodies and heal ourselves by using our own internal resources, not the least of which is our minds. Or we can declare war on our bodies and attack it with powerful drugs that disable the immune system and leave us vulnerable to far worse outcomes than RA.

Evidence of the mind-body connection was firmly established long ago and remains a potent tool that we can use to eliminate the signs of the disorder. Meditation, visualization, self hypnosis, and self-talk all will put us in touch with our own awesome, internal, power.

But to most rapidly eliminate the signs of RA we simply change our diet. The mind-body connection can help – alot. The first and most important step is to simply listen to your body. When you listen, you will hear it softly talking to you, suggesting quietly in the recesses of your mind which food causes it problems and what it wants you to avoid. Don’t expect a shout-out. It whispers and you have to pay attention.

When your mind directs you, it is known as intuition. We all have it. Not so many of us give it the primary role in our lives that it deserves.

A number of people have said that they had suspected for a long time that food was causing their RA symptoms. That means that their bodies were trying to get their attention long before they found this website.

To eliminate the signs and symptoms of RA we MUST work with our body rather than attack it as though it were a war zone. Our immune system is not our enemy. Even after it has gone awry and produced RA, it continues to protect us from disease, including cancer, unless we use modern medicine to artificially disable it.

The real enemy of our well-being are the biologics that enrich the pharmaceutical companies while leaving our bodies susceptible to lethal harm, like on a battle field.

Just like the ads always say, biologics are dangerous.