“Who Are You?”

Previous Life:  I was a member of the scientific staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, a federal public health agency, where I researched and wrote articles published in medical and public health journals. I served as a peer reviewer for an international medical journal and was a scientific adviser to state and local governments. I was considered an expert on research design and human subjects protection. I received a lot of awards.

Present Life: I’m now a writer and author. I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis nearly 20 years ago and, after using the research skills mentioned above, learned how to manage the condition to the point that doctors today don’t realize that I was once considered gravely ill. My life continues very nearly as though nothing ever happened. I don’t see doctors any more, at least for arthritis.

All these years later, I’m dismayed at how little medical advice has changed. My purpose with this blog is to show others an alternative to lethal pharmaceuticals for managing the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Please be aware:  This blog is based on my experience, the experience of others and published research. The purpose of this blog is strictly educational. I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice.  Each of us must consider the facts and find what works best for us.

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3 comments to “Who Are You?”

  • David Rawlinson

    I’m ringing on behalf of my Mother, 84 years old, diagnosed with osteoarthitus, and now confined to a frame, but unable to operate the frame because the pain in her knees is so intense. I’m not expecting miracles, but a sharing of what you know may prove useful.

    Many thanks

    David Rawlinson

  • Jen McConnery

    Hi there,
    Wow, I am happy to come cross your blog. I’ve just started researching alternative therapies for my RA. I’m a 32 yr. old woman and I am suffering quite badly. I was diagnosed just over 3 yrs ago. I’m in the Fitness field and I eat healthy. Last week my rheumatologist examined my hands and feet and said I have to stop my Humira injections and that we’re going to try some IV drug. I went home and immediately started to research. I now believe that I have fool allergies/intolerances and I’m starting an elimination diet tomorrow. Something of interest- my baby boy (1.5) is severely allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts. I always wondered where he got those…. maybe it’s me.

    Thank you for sharing this. I am going to start my own in hopes of helping others.

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