‘Curing’ RA

The articles on this page tell explicitly how to ‘cure’ RA and probably other autoimmune, inflammatory disorders. Healing RA is a do-it-yourself project. In the end, your body has to fix itself. Fortunately, it is more than willing to do that if it is given the right circumstances. Anyone who prefers a quick, temporary, fix using drugs or surgery won’t find it here. This site is devoted to the permanent healing of Rheumatoid Arthritis using dietary changes. All evidence, including research and the experience of others, tells us that anyone can do it.

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  • Adrienne Boyer

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am looking for a specific diet that I can follow that will help the pain. Thank you.

    • Everyone has different triggers for RA so there is no one diet that will apply for all of us. Our immune systems are frustratingly personal. Nonetheless, if you eliminate highly inflammatory fried and high fat foods, like hamburgers, and substitute foods with a low inflammation factor, like fruits and vegetables, you will be headed in the right direction.

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