Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Refining the Rotation Diet

In addition to foods that our immune system hates instantly and cause immediate inflammation and fatigue, there are also those that it hates just a little and will ignore as long as it can. So if those semi-tolerated foods are eaten only once or twice a week, no problem. The problem starts when they are eaten more often than once every three or four days. That’s when our immune systems start to scream ‘Stop It! I’ve put up with this as long as I can!’

Foods that cause immediate illness are reasonably easy to figure out: you haven’t eaten it until recently and now you feel awful. Or, every time you eat it you feel awful. If you have been keeping a food journal you know quickly which food is causing the out-of-control inflammation.

More difficult to get a handle on is the second category of food intolerance: low level sensitivity. If we’ve eaten the same food in the past without problem and now we feel sick, how do we know what caused it?

The truth is that we don’t have to know what caused the flare.

Since most of our RA symptoms are caused by low level food intolerance, the solution is to give our bodies time, about 3 days, to eliminate food molecules (antigens) before we eat that food again. All we have to do is keep an eating schedule that doesn’t repeat any food more often than once, maybe twice, a week.

How to do that? Below are some food choices that can be rotated at 4 day intervals. You might find that some are safe to eat more often and some you shouldn’t eat at all, but this diet can easily be a life long, easily tolerated, and very successful change to our eating habits and our health.


Nuts and peanut butter (also high in good oils)


Beans again and nuts, too.

Carbs that contain gluten so beware:

Flour Tortillas


Cottage Cheese


Olive oil and canola — should not be a problem.
Butter — saturated fat bothers some of us
Safflower oil contains highly inflammatory Omega 6 acids and should be avoided.

— This is the oil often used in snacks and is a reason why snack foods should be used cautiously.

Non-starchy Vegetables:

Have few inflammatory properties and rarely cause problems.
Many to choose from on a rotation diet


More inflammatory in general than non starchy vegetables and should be used in rotation. Many to choose from.


Once you have proven to yourself that food is the cause of your RA symptoms, a rotation diet is the final step in getting complete control of your health.

If you are having control problems now, give your immune system a break for the next 3 days by either fasting or by limiting your diet to only those foods that you are absolutely certain cause you no problems. Then, on day 4 begin your rotation diet.

You will be amazed at how well you feel within a week, and at how easy it is to maintain good health by simply rotating your diet.

Research and our own experience proves that RA is a food sensitivity disorder.

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